Craft Royale - Clash of Pixels


Minecraft and Clash Royale in the same game



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Craft Royale - Clash of Pixels is a MOBA that's very similar to the brilliant Clash Royale, in which you can face off against other players online. Here your troops will consist of different pixelated characters that have seemingly been taken straight out of Minecraft.

Craft Royale - Clash of Pixels's gaming system is simple and straightforward. Each player starts the game with three towers: a central one and two lateral ones. Your troops' objective is to destroy your enemies' central tower while simultaneously defending your own towers. Each game lasts three minutes. The person who has destroyed the most towers will win.

In Craft Royale - Clash of Pixels you can use lots of different units, but you'll have to unlock them first. To unlock troops and level them up you'll have to collect their cards. These cards are found inside treasure chests, which you'll earn as you win. In short, this game is just like Clash Royale.

Each unit in Craft Royale - Clash of Pixels has its own specific attributes: life points, attack distance, deployment time, speed, etc. You can improve these attributes as you level up. Some units, like the pumpkin golems, for example, will only attack the towers (ignoring the other units).

Craft Royale - Clash of Pixels is an entertaining multiplayer strategy game. Thanks to the duration of the duels (between one and four minutes) you can play a round practically anytime.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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